Renovating your bathroom or kitchen?

In the case of bathroom plumbing renovations or kitchen plumbing renovations, planning is everything. We give you our 7 top plumbing tips to ensure you come away with a bathroom and kitchen renovation you will be happy with for years.Here are some of the things you should consider to ensure a successful kitchen and bathroom renovation.

1. Plumbing Renovation Layout

One significant way you can ensure you are happy with your kitchen and bathroom renovation well into the future is with careful planning of the layout. Take the time to draw up a layout of your space. Consider ways the layout can be future-proofed. This means allowing for young children; grandchildren; immobility and teenagers.

While you may want to update colours and finishes once they get outdated, you don’t want the expense of changing the shell and layout all over again. So get it right first time to save you thousands in the long run.

2. Find Space

A great way to gain more space without jutting into your floor area is to inset features into the cavity space. This can be a great space-saver in your bathroom plumbing renovation. You might be able to fit a niche into the cavity space in your shower area to make shelving, or build in a small shaving cabinet. Your plumber can inform you where plumbing pipes are, and may even have ideas to suit your intended layout. Do also be careful of curves in your cavity space.

3. Cost-Effective Changes

When planning your plumbing layout in your renovation, also consider your budget. Moving walls here, changing rooms there may seem like a good idea, but is it cost-effective for you? Moving windows, door, lights and plumbing around will add extra costs. Consider whether the costs outweigh the benefits before making major changes. Most large changes require a qualified tradesman to complete. Your plumber or other tradesperson can help to advise you on how to marry big changes with your budget.

4. Set A BudgetÖAnd Stick to It

Find accessories that work within your budget. You can blow out big time on your plumbing accessories like cabinetry, tiles, toilets, tapware and sinks. You may need to shop around, but sticking to a budget is worth it.

5. Know When to Leave it To Professionals

You may be handy with tiling, but that doesnít mean you should be fitting a new shower. With most bathroom renovations, you may be able to do some of the work yourself, but for the most part, it’s best to leave it to qualified and insured tradespeople.

6. Gather Your Tradies

Apart from your plumber, you will also need a reliable tiler; an electrician; and a cabinet maker. If youíre changing the shape of a room, you may also need a carpenter for your bathroom and kitchen renovation. Make a list of trades, and take some time to get quotes based on your layout plan.

If you like and trust one tradesperson, they may have other tradespeople they work with regularly. This approach can help take the legwork out of tradie-hunting. (For instance, Plumb Perfection, do a lot of kitchen and bathroom plumbing renovations on the Gold Coast. This means we provide other reliable and experienced Gold Coast tradespeople we work with regularly).

Contracting to one company can help to ensure the work is done and on time will mean you donít have conflicting trades placing blame for something not working out, or leaving you in the lurch hallway through your renovation.

7. Get Expert Advice

Before making major decisions, rely on your tradespeople for expert advice to successfully complete a sound bathroom renovation. Remember, it should also comply with the current building regulations as well as your city council regulations. Employing a tradesperson experienced in kitchen and bathroom renovations in your area can help.

Kitchen and Bathroom Plumbing Renovations

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