Plumbing is the hidden backbone of most businesses. Regardless of the industry, plumbing can significantly dictate the degree of productivity, income, and access to essential amenities. Whether you are a property manager, building or construction project manager or a landlord, chances are you have used, or will need commercial plumbing contractors in the future. A commercial plumber specialises in servicing large-scale industrial properties such as hotels, hospitality, residential buildings, commercial buildings, construction sites, and much more.

To enlist the best commercial plumbing contractors, you need to have a checklist of sorts, and any good prospective plumbing company should be able to tick each box. Here’s what your checklist should include:

Up to date plumbing licences and Insurances

These standards are there to protect your business, building, clients and the plumbers themselves.

  • Qualifications and certificates will make sure all work conducted is of the highest standard including premium products and supplies. It will also ensure work is in line with government standards and or local council guidelines.
  • Insurances will cover plumbers if they get injured undertaking work at your property. This safeguards you and ensures the plumber will receive everything they are entitled to including loss of income, etc. Safety certificates should show that all staff are trained in safety procedures for each task they undertake.


Make sure your plumber is able to handle your commercial project. Experienced commercial plumbing contractors have often dealt with large-scale projects. They may also have experience in civil works across a range of industries. They can pass this commercial acumen on to you, regardless of your industry or requirements. Checking what previous projects and industries your plumber has worked in will give you a good idea of their versatility and experience.


Commercial plumbing contractors need to have the machinery to combat large-scale jobs, especially when working in and around construction sites and outside properties. Any good commercial plumber will have access to or hold excavators, CCTV, jet blasters, and electric eels. The right equipment will facilitate and speed up the job getting your property or business up and ‘running.’


As a business we understand that every dollar counts, meaning there is no shame in shopping around for quotes. Just keep in mind that shopping solely on low price is never ideal. It’s important to understand what value you are getting for your money. By deciding this, you can pay a fair price for a great job, which at the end of the day is what every business needs.

Reliability and Response Time

You want to know that your commercial plumber will be responsive to your property, business or construction site needs. It’s important to that you can rely on your plumber to get your business up and running as quickly and effectively as possible. You want to know any loss of income, productivity or inconvenience is minimised.

Also if your business runs on late nights and weekends, you need to check that your commercial plumber is available if any issue arises – emergency or not.

Emergency Call Outs

This is a must for any business. There are no two ways about this. You need a commercial plumber that is available 24/7 for when it matters most. Night or day, weekday or weeknight you need to know that when you have an issue that you have chosen a Commercial Plumber that will assist you exactly when you need them.

Wrap Up

We understand that a business no matter how large or small thrives and depends on productivity, income and time.

At Plumb Perfection our Commercial Plumbing services tick every single box on the checklist. We are highly qualified and insured, and offer 12 months guaranteed workmanship. As well, we have years of experience in both domestic and commercial plumbing installs, maintenance, repairs and in emergency callouts.

Your business may be civil construction or managing an office or residential businesses. Or you may own a café, a childcare facility or other commercial building. Regardless you need to know that your plumbing will be completed correctly, quickly and to the highest standard. This will ensure your business continues to thrive.

And that’s why Plumb Perfection should be your number one choice in Commercial Plumbing Contractors on the Gold Coast!
At Plumb Perfection, we also offer maintenance and repair contracts for business in the Gold Coast region.

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