As a Gold Coast plumber, I know that shonky plumbers can prey on pensioners and other vulnerable people on the Gold Coast. Want to know how not to get caught out by an evil plumber? Here are some ways to ensure you or your family don’t get ripped off.

Last nightís story on Channel 9’s A Current Affair, titled ‘Evil Plumber’ highlights an increasingly common issue for the many seniors living on the Gold Coast.

It probably serves as a warning that there are plenty of plumbers and other tradespeople who are not as genuine as they seem. Many are out to make a quick buck at the expense of the many pensioners living on the Coast.

The Current Affair story revealed a plumber in Victoria who has allegedly charged excessive amounts to his clients for plumbing work. The story featured pensioners who had allegedly been left broke, after being billed tens, sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars for plumbing at their home.
The problem is, plumbing is such a precise skill, a lack of knowledge means you can be easily hoodwinked into paying too much.

So what can we do to prevent our parents, our neighbours, and ourselves from falling prey to plumbing con-artists after a quick buck?

There are ways to ensure youíre not getting ripped off by an evil plumber:

Get 3 Quotes

If you donít have a plumber you use regularly and trust and you have time, get three quotes for the work you want completed. This should ensure that you can pinpoint someone charging way too much for the job.

Don’t Always Call In the Big Guns

A big plumbing firm may seem like a good idea, but what are you paying for? Their prices may not necessarily reflect the best value. Always ask for quotes from a mix of company sizes, from owner-operators to larger companies. Sometimes smaller operators have less overheads, and can pass the saving on to you.

In An Emergency, Ask For A Recommendation.

A drain is blocked, you have no water, or you canít use the toilet! In an emergency, you donít have time to ring around for quotes. Asking someone you trust for a recommendation of a suitable plumber might be a good starting point.

Ask for their License Credentials

It may seem like a given that a plumber in Australia will be licensed, but it’s pretty important to check. A plumber who is a licensed contractor will mean they are accountable for their work. On the Gold Coast, you can check that your potential plumber is licensed by visiting the Queensland Building and Construction Commission website . You can also check their history, and whether there are any restrictions currently placed on their license. This will ensure you are not employing someone who has an evil plumber history.

Ask for a Written Estimate

It is important to get all promises made and prices quoted down on paper before agreeing to the job. Some plumbers are smooth talkers and don’t necessarily back up their promises made verbally. Get someone you trust to look over the quote with you before you agree. They may just spot something in the fine print you have overlooked.

Pensioners can do well to make it a rule to take some time before agreeing to any work. Often they are rushed into making decisions on the spot with various tactics from shonky plumbers. Remember, at the end of the day it wonít hurt to get family or friends to cast their eye over the quote before you proceed.

Don’t Employ An Evil Plumber!

We look after Seniors. We offer Seniors Discounts and an honest, upfront approach. Why not get us to quote on your next plumbing job?

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