Wild weather ripped through South-East Queensland last weekend. Was your plumbing prepared for the storm?

We had so many emergency plumbing call-outs from customers all over the Gold Coast who were impacted by the weekend’s storm. Flooding was a major issue throughout the Gold Coast. Some of the storm water damage couldn’t be helped. But there were some plumbing emergencies we attended, which could have been prevented with a little foresight.

Don’t want to be caught out with a stormwater plumbing emergency next time?

We show you some easy things you can do around your home year-round which will ensure that if we get a large storm on the Gold Coast again, you can be prepared, and in many cases, protected.

1. Clean Your Gutters Regularly

Your gutters need regular attention to ensure they do their job properly when itís raining. Clear any leaves or dirt from your guttering on a regular basis, and frequently if you live in a leafy area.

2. Check For Leaks

Check your guttering and down pipes for any holes or breaks and replace and repair where necessary. A broken down pipe or leaky guttering can cause stormwater to pool under the problem, which in a huge storm can easily back up into your home.

3. Check For Blocked Down Pipes or Storm Water Outlets

Check for debris blocking your down pipes. When the water is flowing fast, a blocked downpipe can be a huge plumbing problem. How do you check? Simply run the hose down the pipe to make sure water runs through. Also check your storm water outlet point, to ensure there is nothing which could impact flow during a heavy downpour.

4. Clear Rain Water Tank

If you have a water tank, also ensure that these pipes are clear from debris to prevent water backing up into household guttering, or pooling at the blockage.

5. Consider How Water Flows

When it’s raining, think about where the water flows on your property. Does it run across the yard? Does it pool in any particular area? Where are your storm water pipes?

Could the drainage in your yard be improved with the addition of ag. pipes or garden rocks? Do you need to pay particular attention to regular clearing of garden debris to ensure water flows away in heavy rain?

Making these simple tasks part of your regular garden maintenance will help to improve your chances of making it without a flood in your backyard this storm season.



Plumb Perfection are happy to perform a regular check of your storm water pipes, guttering and down pipes, to ensure they are all in working order. Contact Plumb Perfection to get your storm water drainage checked.


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