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If you’re looking for a Gold Coast plumber who performs all plumbing and drainage services, then Plumb Perfection fits the bill.

Are you a builder or renovator who needs a regular plumber? Are you the owner of a rental property looking for a plumber who handles maintenance plumbing with promptness and care? A plumber who is on call 24-hours for your emergency plumbing needs? Are you about to embark on an extension at your home, or a conversion, and need an honest, cost-effective plumber who’ll do quality work? Do you just need a plumber to check that blocked drain?

No matter who you are, Plumb Perfection is your go-to plumber in the Gold Coast area. We are a small business, and a personal, professional plumbing service is what we provide you.


Master Plumbers’ Association

Emergency Plumbing 24-hours a day.
7 days a week.

12 months guaranteed workmanship


Plumbing emergencies just can’t wait. So Plumb Perfection is on call 24-hours a day, 7 days a week for all your emergency plumbing and drainage issues. We understand a plumbing issue can be pretty stressful, and our focus is on getting the household back up and ‘running’ again as soon as possible.

What can you do to help your plumber in an emergency?

Burst/Leaking Pipe? If a pipe has burst or is leaking, shutting off the water supply will decrease the amount of damage to your home. Before your plumber arrives, either shut off the water at the source of the problem, or locate the water main and cut supply to the whole property (the water main is usually near your water meter).

Blocked Drain? Where possible, reduce or halt the use of household plumbing until your plumber arrives. This will prevent further seepage at the site. This is particularly important if the blocked drain carries waste.


Need a plumber to unblock a drain? If the source of the drain blockage isn’t known or obvious, we can check your blocked drain using CCTV inspection. This allows us to determine the best method of unblocking the drain, and getting the household back up and running again. Possible causes of blocked drains include tree roots; foreign objects; accumulated waste residue; broken pipes and collapsed sewer lines, and more. We can fix your blocked drain using methods such as a high pressure water Jetter; an electric eel; replacing or replacing damaged drains, and the good old plunger/acid method.


BURST PIPE: If a pipe at your home is burst, we fix it promptly. We can provide 24/7 emergency repairs on all bust pipes in the Gold Coast area. Although it feels like a big deal at the time, a bust pipe is a pretty common plumbing problem. Burst pipes can occur with the plumbing inside your home or outside. We understand they can cause a big mess. Turn your water off either at the source of the problem, or if you’re not sure, at the main. Give Plumb Perfection a call at any time of the day or night and we can solve this problem for you and get the toilets flushing and taps running for you again in no time.

LEAKING PIPE: You may not know you have a ‘slow leak’ in a pipe, until your water bill skyrockets. Or you may have damp areas in the home, or unusually soggy patches in the yard or under your house which are unexplainable. In this case, you’ll need to get a plumber in to determine the source of the leak. Sometimes the problem can be as simple as leaking taps or hot water systems; or hoses which need replacing on dishwashers or washing machines. Or it could be the waterproofing which has failed in your shower or bath. Whatever the cause, we are trained in finding that leak and repairing it before it becomes a big problem for you.


Plumb Perfection can look after all your hot water system needs. Your hot water system may have suddenly stopped working. Or you may have an old leaking hot water system which needs replacing; or you could be wanting to update your hot water system to solar. We can repair or replace solar, electric & gas hot water systems. We understand you just can’t live without hot water. We offer a 24/7 emergency service for repair and replacement of worn out systems.

From changing washers to fixing burst pipes, Plumb Perfection will help to maintain your property’s plumbing, and work with you to ensure your greatest asset is properly cared for. We offer free quotes on all plumbing jobs. For Senior’s, we also provide a discount for plumbing and drainage work. As a small business, we are proud of our repeat business and great referral base from our happy clients. Our focus is on prompt, reliable and professional service. We go the extra mile, and are always looking to exceed your expectations.


We specialise in rental maintenance, and are able to offer recommendations and solutions for plumbing to cover both short term and long term goals for the property. From your tenant’s point of view, we are reliable, friendly and prompt. Tenants love our 24/7 emergency care which provides them and you with peace of mind when plumbing problems arise.


Unit complexes are a common feature of Gold Coast living, and Plumb Perfection is experienced in plumbing maintenance for the body corporate. We offer personalised and professional service for Body Corporate Managers to help maintain plumbing on your complex and ensure that everyone is happy – owners and tenants alike.

When you’re looking at a new plumbing project – you want someone who can do a professional job. One which will enhance your life, and importantly, last the years. You want a plumber who can forsee potential problems. Someone who can communicate well with you, and provide a cost-effective solution. You want someone who is accountable, who you can call in 5 or so years and will still be there for the next project. This is the Plumb Perfection difference. Personal service and professional work.


Whether the project is big or small, we can offer up to date advice and quality plumbing on your new home or extension. This covers everything from your drainage system; guttering; layout and planning of pipework, environmental considerations; your choice of bathroom and tapware, to appliance installation. We understand that a plumber plays a large part in how happy you are with your new home or extension. We work in with builders and other tradespeople to provide a seamless and happy experience.


Putting in an extra toilet? Or giving the kitchen a big makeover?  No matter the size of your renovation, we are able to deliver the best professional plumbing to your home – with a smile. We can offer you great advice, from placement to water saving, to choice of tapware and appliances. We happily liaise with other tradespeople to minimise problems. We understand that when you are renovating your home, you are generally still living in it. When it comes to plumbing, when the water’s off, you’re in limbo. We aim to lessen the stress and inconvenience a new kitchen or bathroom can bring and ensure your family is back ‘up and running’ with little downtime.


Kids need some space of their own? Or have you become a full-time carer for a loved one? Every situation has different needs, and we pride ourselves on going the extra mile to make sure your conversion is everything you need it to be, for your family. This could be as simple as adding another toilet, or fitting a new shower to allow for wheelchair access. Or we could be putting a small kitchen and bathroom in for you. We can help make this project easy for you and we can offer plenty of good advice about placement and water saving which could save you thousands.

  • plumbing-man-and-toolsFix Roof Leaks
  • Replace Gutters
  • Repair and Install plumbing on Dishwashers
  • Repair and Install plumbing on Washing Machines
  • Fix and install taps
  • Install water saving devices
  • Rainwater harvesting
  • Install and repair rainwater tanks and pumps
  • Set up and maintain septic tanks

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